Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Time Flies When You are Spending it with Great Friends

It's hard to believe it's been 4 months since my last blog entry.  I could blame work or my active social life.  I think the creative part of my brain shuts off when I am very busy for better or worse, and I am left wondering where the past 4 months have gone.  It can't be said that I can't remember what happened as I vividly recall what seems like almost every moment of my life in Playa.

Above all what's remarkable about our existence in this beach mecca are the wonderful friends we have made.  Some have traversed that level of great friends and dug deeper down to that elemental level of family where you feel like they are a part of you.  Perhaps this group of misfits we call friends who are mostly retired and have moved away from their family and friends are searching to rebuild the networks that are lacking now that they have moved abroad.

I think Playa del Carmen as a concept supports the dynamic of building strong friendships based on this uprooting and overabundance for many of free time.  This magical friendship and family building has certainly made our lives more exciting and full.  Time sure flies when you are having fun with great friends.

The other night we had a dinner, a small one of sorts, with some of our closer friends.  There were 13 in attendance counting us, and we certainly could include many more into the group of "close friends" who were not in attendance.


Neil and I.  Neil was a park supervisor in Portland Oregon and now spends 6 months in Playa and 6 months traveling in his RV in the US/Canada with his lovely wife, Marge.  This summer they are spending 2 months in Europe.

Jim and Janet, formerly of Philadelphia. Jim is a retired from the fire department and Janet is a potter turned painter.  They live in Playa full time.
Neil along with Scot and Vicki.  Scott was a dentist who lived next to my hometown, and Vicki his wife worked in physiology.  They spend about 1/2 the year in Playa and the other 1/2 traveling the world.
Diane and I.  Diane and her husband Brent are originally from Canada.  Now full time residents of Mexico, Brent spends about 1/2 the year working in the oil industry in places like Dubai, Spain and Vietnam.
Marilou, Marge and I.  Marilou is from the US and now lives in Playa year round.  Marge is Neil's wife, and she also worked for Portland's park services.  Both Marilou and Marge make excellent jewelry.
Marilou and Allan
Gayle and Steve, from Minnestoa.  Steve worked in computers and Gayle worked in the public school system.  They spend a few months a year in Playa.
Henry, Marge and Neil's unofficial adopted son, originally from the Dominican Republic, along with Marge and the waiter/manager Miguel.