Saturday, September 18, 2010

Splashing into the Bottomless 7 Bocas Cenote

Yesterday Allan, I and the gang spent an adventurous afternoon visiting the 7 Bocas Cenote on Cenote Road outside of Puerto Morelos.  Although it may seem like we are goofing off, this is actually market research for us, and will help provide invaluable information to our Playa del Carmen rental guests.  I must say it is well worth the $100 pesos entrance fee and the time to traverse the approximate 1 mile circuitous dirt entrance road to the cenote.

Upon entering the dry-tropical, well manicured cenote parking lot and entrance I was struck by just how far back in the jungle we were.  How did they ever find this cenote?  From the surface the cenote does not look like much: 7 holes or mouths as they call them (bocas) provide a ground level birds-eye view of the water 15-20 feet below.  Three holes have steep stairs leading down to the cenote; 4 just provide visuals.  The last 2 holes are not accessible without scuba diving gear. The 3rd hole was the most exciting as they excavated around it so people could jump in.  When I asked a girl who worked there how deep it was she replied that it did not have a depth.  "Is is 30 meters (100 feet)?" I asked.  "No," she said "it's much deeper than that".  Apparently they had put a rope line down into it to measure the depth, but because of the acidic gases at the far depths of the cenote, the rope was burned, and hence the cenote may forever been known as bottomless.

We traversed down the stairs into the cenote and were amazed at its beauty.  Stagtites and stagamites protruded from every angle.  Although the cenote was quite dark, the water was refreshing and the ceilings a domed masterpiece of jagged rocks.  Through the second hole one could look up into the sky and see a massive tree who's root protruded down into the water.

From the second to the third cenote one has to pass through a narrow passage way with barely enough head room to reach the large opening where jumping is permitted.  On the side of the opening is a steep staircase to the top which I used many times.  Jumping into the cenote was actually quite scary as it was fairly high (15 - 20 feet down).  Each time my stomach dropped and water shot up my nose as I plummeted down into the water and was submerged at least 10 feet down.  Allan and our friend Janet were daring enough to try it once.  I of course jumped 6 or 7 times, each time feeling like it was the first.

I would highly recommend Cenote 7 Bocas to any of our Playa del Carmen rental guests.   A car is definitely required.  Life jackets are provided for free, and there are even guide ropes and surf boards inside the cenote to make the adventure a bit easier and safer.

Janet with Jim and Mary Lou in the background.

Jim taking a rest.

The gang.

The second hole with the tree growing out of it.

The first entrance.

Allan stands over the third hole where we jumped several times.



Janet explores with snorkeling gear.



KfromMichigan said...

You are so BRAVE!

Matt and Allan said...

A little adventure is good for the soul.