Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween 2013 in Playa del Carmen

For those of you who know our life down in Playa del Carmen, you are well aware of how much Halloween has been the most fun day of the year.  This year we organized a party at our place with roughly 30 guests all dressed in costume and served pizza and punch.  After about an hour of chit chat, photos and costume admiration, we strolled down 5th Avenue to show off and to give candy to the adorable dressed up kids.  Sometimes I wish Halloween was more than once a year and at other times I think it's best to stick my hangovers to only once year - the day after.

What really amazes me are the people who make their own costumes.  I bought my costume for $1 USD at a yard sale and then just added things here and there I bought on Amazon.  Allan's costume was made by one of the costume directors for Cirque du Soleil.  However, friends like Trudy, Phillp and Johanna, among others, actually sew and stitch and do really creative things.  For instance Johanna borrowed my Cleopatra headdress and then creatively sewed an incredible costume to go along with it that would rival anything in show business.

I've already got my costume for next year planned out - got it at the same yard sale, and am just going to add touches on Amazon.  You'll have to wait till next year to find out!!

Me as a bumble bee and another cutie dressed as the same

Our group before heading out

Trudy and Phillip who made their own costumes!!

Johanna as Cleopatra and me.  Johanna borrowed the head dress from me and then made the entire costume by hand.  Unbelievable. 

Lucien who made his own costume with Allan and me.  Lucien is the one who designed Allan's costume.

Vicki and Scot

Allan's makeup courtesy of Explayarte (

Allan and 2 Mexican devils on 5th Avenue

Me on the stripper pole earning my free shot of tequila

Downtown can be a crazy place on Halloween

Jim and Evangeline

Jim and Janet

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