Friday, December 13, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

One might think that in Mexico Thanksgiving is either non-existent or quite dissimilar to turkey day in the USA.  And in many senses you would be right.  However in many other degrees you would be dead wrong.  

This year we hosted an event with over 50 people, mostly Americans and Canadians living in Mexico from a couple of weeks a year to year round.  We hosted the event in the entryway to our condo complex under 2 large palapa (thatched) roofs.  Tables, chairs and tablecloths were ordered for the event and showed up the morning of, and had to be assembled.  We bought 5 turkeys which we distributed between various attendees to cook and bring.  Brent Parkin was also hired to play live music.  Then each guests brought the equivalent of $10 USD to cover the cost of items purchased/rented. Guests were also required to bring a dish to share (and their own beverages).

It's not like having dinner at home with family, but it's the next best thing.  We have made some wonderful friends, and by being inclusive we are always making more.  Our friends (who we now consider like family) have made our experience here in Playa del Carmen wonderful.  The sense of love, family and sharing one might feel at a USA Thanksgiving is just as strong south of the border at our turkey day event.

Me chatting with Larry and Leslie

Brent Parkin

Brie, Jackson and me.

Some of the spread.

Mary, Dan and Neil

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