Thursday, October 24, 2013

Watching the World Series from Playa

Last night I was sitting in Wings Army watching the first game of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals.   The game is taking place in Boston at Fenway Park, a 10 minute walk to where our condo is located on Beacon Street.  It's very interesting to be so far away in Mexico and to look back at my home town on TV with all my fellow Bostonians enjoying Red Sox fever.

Down here in Playa I went into the sports bar, and it was empty, and the game was not even on TV.  It look the waiter about 10 minutes just to find the game so I could watch it.  I was experiencing a very rare phenomenon in Playa - I was alone at a sports bar.  I'm so used to having friends around, or at least Allan.  Allan was getting a massage and the friends I had invited had prior engagements.  Not wanting to stay at home I ventured out with a book, in search of chicken wings and beer and the World Series.

I know many people would love to have some quiet time alone. It's just that in Playa we've made so many wonderful friends, we've become used to always having them around - to really enjoy the company of people around you.  I don't have the need or desire to escape or get away.  Home is here.

My dinner - chicken wings and beer.  Allan came around later and help me finish it off.

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