Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The First 3 Weeks in Paradise.

I'd like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting for my next blog entry. The first 3 weeks in Playa del Carmen have been a mix between good and bad - mostly all good. The bad is primarily attributable to dealing with the hassles of living in Mexico (power has been out at least 5 times and for as long as 4 hours, if you want anything done you have to wait and wait, unlike America if you want to buy something - say a hanging shelf for the shower, there are 1 or maybe 2 options, if you're lucky).

The weather is simply amazing. It's been sunny almost everyday except today since hurricane Ike is passing just to the north of us. Even then the sun has been visible on occasion - and the clear ocean water is still 85+, and people are surfing. For once the air temperature has actually gotten below 80 degrees F!! Mostly it's been sunny, barely a cloud in the sky, in the 90s F and humid! Even though Allan and I don't go tanning, we're both getting very dark. Going on the mentality that if suntan lotion kills fish, it's probably no better for us, we've been going without. It's not like we're out in the sun all day anyway - it's like an oven outside!!

We happen to live in an amazing area. We're 4 blocks from the beach, 2 blocks from trendy 5th Avenue with shopping and restaurants, and 2 blocks from the cheap local restaurants where for $5 US you can get soup, a drink and main entree with meat, vegetable and starch!! Being situated between the residential area and the hip touristy spot is perfect for us. There's a great park next door where local neighbors congregate and a school 1 block away where the cutest kids walk by single file dressed in uniform.

We've been trying to get our household together and business up and running. We finally have internet and TV, still barely any furniture (it's been promised on Saturday, but this IS Mexico, so who knows?). We just got our business cards for our property management company and began distributing them around town via bicycle. I'm working on our brochure to give to potential clients while Allan's drafting a welcome package for vacation rental guests.

Rickey and Mitzi are loving it here. Although it's hot and humid, they prance when it's walk time.

I've lots of stories to tell and promise to do so soon. It's taken us almost 2 weeks to try to figure out how to pay our rent - boy was that a hassle!!

Best from paradise,

Matt and Allan

Playa del Carmen Condo and Villa Vacation Rentals

There are some beautiful flowers here - and they grow year round. Imagine that? Plants that don't die during winter unlike in Massachusetts!


islagringo said...

Nice to hear from you guys again! Could you send me an email? Thanks!

Nancy said...

Congratulations, guys!

I just went to your website and you already have a ton of rentals listed! Way to go! And the site looks great.

I hope you get your furniture soon, sounds like you are having fun.

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

I must have missed it...what is the address for your website??