Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wearing Pants is like Eating Candy

OMG - this is the first day since we've been in Mexico that it's been cold enough to wear long pants. By cold I mean it's in the mid 70s and rainy. Now if you're native to this region you might already be wearing winter clothes. I've heard when it hits the 70s the natives pile on winter boots, hat and down jacket - no kidding.

Today is also the first day since leaving Boston that the sun hasn't appeared all day. Usually in Playa there might be a cloud or two somewhere in the sky, and occasionally they do pass overhead and drop rain for 15 minutes or so - but they always pass quickly. The clouds and rain are actually a pleasant relief from sun, sun, sun - and this is coming from someone who LOVES summer, loves the heat.

Tonight Allan and I are going to hit Bad Boys, a beach side bar where the expats (Americans) hang out. To get there we'll stroll down trendy 5th Avenue and then cut down a side street, take off our sandals and walk along the sand a couple hundred feet to the bar. Hopefully by then the clouds will clear and we'll have the stars and moon to gaze upon in addition to the ocean and lights from Cozumel across the water. After a beer and a shot of tequila I'll be stumbling home.

Today I don't need alcohol to get high - I'm already feeling like a million. I haven't worn a pair of long pants in almost 60 days. But tonight I'm going to wear 'em with pride! Don't ask me why I'm excited - I haven't thought about it and had time to break down my feelings and search for their origin (yes, I really do this - often). All is know is I feel like a kid in a candy store - pure elation, like nothing can get me down.

P.S. - I just tried on the pants and they don't fit as well as they used to. So maybe I feel like a hundred thousand instead of a million. But, who cares?! I'm still going to have fun!!

Playa del Carmen Condo and Villa Vacation Rentals

Steak fajitas with potato and grilled onion - OMG the food here is delicious - and cheap. This only costs $5 US with a drink.

On our way to the beach - we're trying a section where the locals hang out - north of Coco Beach.

I'm enjoying the waves, weather and warmth at the beach. Yes, I really am that fat.

Allan searches for plants to adorn our outdoor patio. We've stopped at a roadside nursery.

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