Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drinking Too Much

Yesterday was the first day I didn't drink a beer or mixed drink in I don't know how long. You would think I was an alcoholic by the amount of adult beverages I consume in Mexico. Friday I had 6 throughout the day: 2 beers, 2 pina coladas and 2 mojitos. Most days I have at least 1 or 2 whereas back in Boston I might consume 1 a month. There's just something about living a relaxed lifestyle that induces a minor drinking habit: going to the beach and sipping pina coladas on lounge chairs basking underneath the sun or meeting friends to listen to live music at a beach side bar. It's not that I need a drink to get me through the day or to face myself or the outside world - it's more that it's fun and relaxing and a great social habit.

Now I am consciously trying to do without - and it's not that easy living in Mexico. We met friends at a beach side bar last night for some good 'ol camaraderie, live music and dancing and everyone was drinking - except me. I didn't feel left out or out of place or uncomfortable. However, it did make me realize that my lifestyle could perhaps be conducive to a drinking habit if I was so inclined. Luckily drinking is something I can easily control and feel no strong desire to get a buzz or become plastered. I don't know how long I will endure this self-imposed abstinence from alcohol. Perhaps instead I will just consciously remain aware of my daily and weekly consumption and try to reduce the limit, mostly to preserve my liver in old age and my waistline, which is remaining constantly too big given my 3 days a week of running.

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Nancy said...

I've felt a few times that there seems to be more drinking than I like...but you know what, really no one pays any attention if you don't drink, so that's what I do. A limonada looks just like a margarita, anyway, and coke is always accepted!

Good luck, I like your honesty and openness.