Friday, November 21, 2008

Leave Chocolate on the Balls

The following is an actual transcript of a conversation I had with my housekeeper, Zoila, regarding some chocolates I left in the guest bedroom for my 2 friends who were visiting this week. The conversation happened in Spanish, and although my foreign language skills are improving, there's much which can be misinterpreted. I was trying to explain that when she cleans the guest room to leave the chocolates on the pillows. However, I confused the words "cojines" (cushions) and "cojones" (balls).

Me: I've left some chocolate on the balls for my guests. Please leave them there.
Zoila: Excuse me?
Me: Please leave the chocolate on the balls in the guest bedroom.
Zoila: Balls?
Me: How do you say pillow?
Zoila: Almojada
Me: What did I say?
Zoila: You told me to put chocolate on your balls
Me: (In jest) Do you want to?

We'll see if she comes back to work next week... Perhaps she'll bring her friends!

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My Way said...

That was awesome! Thank you for the Friday afternoon giggle!

Please screw up your Spanish more and post about it!


Matt and Allan said...


American Mommy in Mexico said...

Yes - I also got a chuckle on that one!