Friday, August 14, 2009

Floppy Disks

I am ever amazed at the backward business procedures in Playa. I visited my accountant today to find out how to pay my employee's social security taxes every month. He hands me a floppy disk and tell me to go to the bank, hand the teller the disk and then give the teller the total due in cash. I am still getting over the shock. My computer does not even take a floppy disk. Didn't those get phased out years ago?

Of course I can counter my criticism by the fact that one of the accountants had a new born sitting snugly in a crib on her desk. What a forward thinking establishment to allow a new mother to bring her baby into work.

So I guess I am saying Playa (or Mexico) is years behind the US in ways but light years ahead in others. Yesterday I visited my housekeeper and there were loads of happy children running around and jumping rope in the street. It literally made me want to move from my swanky condo to a shack with no air conditioning and no beds - only hammocks. Yes, Mexico may be behind the US in terms of technology and procedure but they also bring us back to a place we long to be - where family values matter, where kids can run around the streets carefree without worry of predators and where mom's can bring babies into work. I'm not saying that all of Mexico is like this or that all of the US is cold and careless, I'm just making a general observation.

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