Thursday, August 27, 2009

Making Connections and Answering Questions

I was at Office Depot today buying toner for my printer when the sales girl at the register looked at me and smiled and said "there are no returns on toner." Glancing up I realized it was the same one who sold me the wireless keyboards which I subsequently had Allan return. Apparently she knew I was the one who bought the items which were later returned. Soon I will have to find someone else to return my purchases at Office Depot!

Today I also was at Telcel helping my maid obtain a cell phone contract. I was tired of her claiming she could not call me because she did not have enough cell phone credit to place the call. She is poor, although we do pay her good wages as a maid, and does not have enough money to keep buying cell phone cards. Since she is a key asset to my business, buying the contract for her was the least I could do.

As we're at the counter in Telcel the sales lady was telling me how it costs money to check your messages. I was shocked. The call does not use your monthly allotted cell phone minutes, but rather is charged separately. Now I know why no one here uses a personal greeting on their cell phone - because they don't want people to leave messages as it will cost money to check them. Considering people here don't make enough as it is, spending that extra few dollars each month is not worth while to listen to a voice mail, when all they really have to do is just go through the list of missed calls. Just hang up - don't leave a message. I'll know you called by checking my missed calls. Now it all makes sense!

Playa del Carmen Condo and Villa Vacation Rentals

Allan loves these flowers.

Lunch cooked by my maids - Adobo chicken and rice and beans.

A church (I think) in Bacalar, Mexico.

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Julian in SC said...

Ok guys... what has happened to you two. Please add a blog so we know you are ok!