Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gotta Love Driving

We’ll, we’re finally on the road. We hit the road Monday at 11:15pm, 12 or so hours after we planned on leaving. Both Allan and I were up at 7am and worked straight through the evening, renovating our condo, getting it ready for renters, and packing the SUV. We managed to drive 2 hours to Southbury, CT (just west of Hartford) where we crashed at a Crowne Plaza at about 1:30am (really great hotel, by the way). Thank God Allan was driving because we would have wound up on a guard rail, I was so tired.
Tuesday we slept in and didn’t hit the road till noon. We planned on driving 5 ½ hours to Martinsburg, West Virginia. However, by 9pm we were still about 2 hours away from Martinsburg thanks to lovely NY and NJ traffic and CT road sign that pointed to gas stations off the highway which were like 10 miles off the highway and the gas prices so steep ($4.25/gallon) we turned around and didn’t fill up – even the prices near NYC were under $4.00. We almost had one casualty on the NJ turnpike. Al was driving and noticed in his side view mirror that one of the bikes was missing off the bike rack on the back of our car. He pulled over despite my warnings not to (I can just see a tractor trailer plowing into the back of our car) and noticed that the bike was hanging sideways almost touching the pavement. The only thing keeping it in place was the bicycle lock I placed around the bikes to prevent them from being stolen. He is never allowed to call me paranoid again.
Rickey and Mitzi wanted to say hello and tell you they’re having fun sniffing out all the white trash dogs at the Vince Lambarti Rest Area in NJ.
440 miles down – 3200 more to go!
Matt and Al at the Crowne Plaza Inn in CT
Rickey and Mitzi, our beloved co-pilots

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