Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Leaving Dallas

Allan is forbidden from making fun of me for looking underneath the bed for forgotten items whenever we leave temporary accommodations. I just found five dollars. So there!

I deceptively rearranged the contents of our vehicle this morning. I placed our PC and printer closer to the dogs and out of plain sight. Technically on a tourist visa for electronic equipment you're only allowed to bring a laptop and other smaller items. Hopefully Mitzi and Rickey (a.k.a "killer" and "fang") will keep them away.

Plans have changed - we are now crossing at Brownsville, Texas (closer to the Gulf Coast) rather than Laredo on the advice of a new American Mexican friend, Isla Gringo. So that places us in San Antonio tonight and then Brownsville, Texas the next night.

Things I'll miss about Dallas: 1) when I order tea with milk wait staff either look at me with blank stares or give me iced tea with milk on the side. No! I want hot tea with cold milk on the side; 2) the "everything is bigger in Texas attitude" (at the Fort Worth Zoo I ordered a slushee, and was given the largest slushee I've ever seen; and 3) how "y'all" has somehow become the word of the day everyday.

Well Allan is calling me to get off the PC and into the car. We've got a long day of driving ahead of us.

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Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

HA! We drove our truck with our German shepherd and small trailer from Seattle to Mexico City and then west and north to Guaymas - our new home. At every motel/hotel Mike searched the room for money!
Our dog was very helpful with all of the Mexican checkpoints. The men would see her in the extended cab of the truck, I would say "Sorry, I don't speak Spanish" and they would just wave us on.
Good luck!

Anna said...

Hey my name is Anna. I'm leaving New York on Aug 28 to drive down to Cozumel across the water from where you'll both be. Good luck!! I look forward to reading your adventures! Check out my blog: